Release: Free Cost Data Uploader for Google Analytics

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In your Google Analytics today, for how many traffic sources do you know the ROI, Cost Per Acqusition or Revenue Per Click? If you haven’t recently uploaded cost data for these traffic sources, the simple answer is ”only Adwords” or ”none”. Without access to these metrics, decisions for how to spend your marketing budget will be qualified guesses at best.

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half. – John Wanamaker

In October 2012 the Google Analytics team released a new feature that lets users upload cost data to any traffic source they choose. You can read more here about this new feature:

Until now there has been only two ways of uploading your own cost data to Google Analytics: Either through the API (requires some developing from your IT team) or through one of several ready-made tools for which you have to pay.

Cost data uploader

ROI Just got even easier: Free Cost Data Uploader

We thought that cost data is such an awesome feature, that the barrier for you to try it out should be made as low as possible. Therefore today we are happy to announce the release of the first easy and free way to upload cost data to your Google Analytics. We call it ”Cost Data Uploader” and it is available for you to try out for yourself here:?